XLP members, Multitrade Spain and Westdijk, team up for Swedish Lund Tramway Project

Recently, Multitrade Spain S.L. successfully loaded a complete tramway onto their own 34 meters and 111’ roll trailer equipped with rail tracks, which allowed for the transfer of rolling stock cargo without lifting.

This operation was designed and coordinated jointly between XLProjects Network members, Westdijk Sweden and Multitrade Spain, and is part of the Swedish Lund Tramway Project.

The total dimensions of the tramway were 32,996 mm length x 2,650 mm width x 3,650 mm high and 42 tons of weight.

The tramway was loaded in the manufacturer’s premises in Spain and shipped from Santander to Zeebrugge, where the highly professional staff of Westdijk Sweden take up the baton in order to deliver the cargo using their special trailers.

Coupling the modules that compose a tramway to the destination is a costly and time consuming operation for the manufacturer, including special attention to be paid to guarantee issues. So, their solutions were to use 111’ roll trailers fitted with rail tracks in order to allow the transport of rolling cargo (tramways, metro cars, etc.) and other types of OOG static cargo using the wide short sea shipping network around Europe, and also all over the world using RORO ships. By this solution, they were able to save a lot of stress for the clients.