Shipnext is a digital shipping platform, that uses AI to provide instant freight-search, email- and data-processing, trade and automation of workflows. Shipnext provides an A-to-Z solution for shipping and transport ation, and includes all trades regardless the size, shape, typ e and destination of cargo. The use of algorithms and Artificial intelligence allows Shipnext to customize the platform, and help its users to make the best use of the historic and real-time data, and facilitate decision-making.

Shipnext patented the transition of the shipping industry from an email-based to a platform-based trade. This allows Shipnext to be the leading solution for extracting important data from internal and external communication, operational software, external platforms. This allows building a secure and reliable transportation management process, work-flow visibility, and documentation flow on the corporate platform or inside an ecosystem.


Shipnext is a cloud-based solution, stored on Amazon and Microsoft clouds, and can be white-labelled and customized to match additional demands, such as trucking & road delivery, warehouse planning, invoicing, freight-transactions.