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It is our honor to welcome you to the newest, most dynamic, projects only logistics network in the world! We are extremely excited about the future of project forwarding and are working hard to make our mark in this industry. 

Benefits to join

With the help of the XLProjects team, you will have more proactive partners to help you get more business. These are partners you know will perform for your clients and get the jobs done right. XLProjects Membership shows your status inthe global projects logistics market and sets you apart from your competitors.

XLProjects Annual General Meeting

Each year, XLProjects holds an Annual General Meeting for our members to network and meet face to face! XLProjects sees the importance of varying the location of our networking events. This not only makes it fair for accessibility. But it also broadens our member’s travel experience

XLProjects Booth Sharing

XLProjects offers booth sharing at our events. As many of you know, these events are very expensive. But this is yet another benefit we offer to our members! For a small contribution, members can join us at our booth.

Welcome to Our new and improved Website!

Welcome to XLProjects – the leading, most dynamic, projects logistics network for professional project forwarders and break-bulk charterers.
If your company is a qualified, independent, locally established and international projects logistics specialist, you should consider taking this opportunity to become an XLProjects (XLPROJECTS) Partner.

Here’s why:

XLProjects Partnership – A Global Shipping Network

Many of the best known project logistics companies in the world have joined the XLProjects Network since its inception in October 2012.
All of our XLProjects Member Partners are uniquely qualified in heavy lift handling and transportation, whether by ocean, air or overland.
They are professionals, multi-skilled in e.g.:
» break bulk chartering
» specialty handling
» stevedoring, and
» boat and yacht transfer.

There are Members for every project industry, e.g.:
» oil and gas
» heavy industry
» military, and
» energy

If it is hard, hazardous, huge, or heavy, XLProjects Members are on it!

XLProjects Partners are everywhere, on every continent, in virtually every major and minor port. They are all not only well known and respected in their home markets. They have also been involved in some of the highest profile project lifts and movements all over the world.

Only the best companies with verifiable project cargo experience may join XLProjects. XLProjects Management check all applicants carefully, assessing operational capabilities and project know how.

Member Partners enjoy the many benefits of doing profitable business with one another, helping each other to help fill their projects sales pipelines with cargo. XLProjects expects Members in their first year of membership to give at least 50% of their new projects business to other XLProjects Members.

In short, precisely the kind of people and companies you would look for and want to be associated with in a project logistics enterprise networking group!

XLProjects Events

XLProjects run their own events for Member Partners and participate actively in a number of project cargo events around the world.

If you would like to meet us at any of these events to find out more about XLProjects and apply to be Member Partner, an XLProjects representative will be in attendance and happy to talk to you!

XLProjects Management

XLProjects is a division of Advanced International Networks Ltd., which, since 2003, has been operating the logistics industry’s best-known global networks.
The XLProjects management team understand the needs of project forwarders and charterers and, in addition, have the experience and the expertise to run the XLProjects Network.
They comprise a multilingual, multinational professional team whose mission is to help project logistics companies grow their international projects agency businesses.

XLProjects Affiliates

XLProjects has a number of Affiliate Companies that offer additional benefits to XLProjects Member Partners

Financial Protection

All XLProjects Member Partners are covered by the Keystone Financial Protection Program.

This Program (KFPP) provides compensation for funds lost due to non-payment of invoices for the handling of transactions between XLProjects Member Partners.

Whenever dealing with other Members they are always covered for legitimate expenses from any risk of willful non-payment or bankruptcy, up to their chosen limit within the guidelines of the program.

Surprisingly Low Cost of Membership

XLProjects annual Partner Membership fees start from US$1,500 (Branch Office). There is also a fee to join the Financial Protection Program, variable depending on level of cover required.

Latest News

26th Jan

Trans-Trading Locomotives for Hanko/Finland

The Finnish State Railways (VR) fleet received two more additional locomotives. On behalf of Trans-Trading Hamburg, the Lübeck Port Company (LHG) recently converted three Vectron locomotives numbers 43 and 44, unit weight 90 tons and...

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21st Jan

Trans-Trading Coordinates Transport from Niederfischbach to Galveston, Texas

Trans-trading loaded two tanks and accessories from Niederfischbach (West Germany) via Bremerhaven to Galveston, Texas by RoRo Vessel "Horizon Highway" Dimensions each: 7.62 x 4.62 x 4.46 mtr. - 20.5 tons POL: Bremerhaven, Germany POD:...

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19th Jan

Silent Transport Appoints Project Development Manager

Silent Transport UK continue their UK expansion with the appointment of a new Project Development Manager. Mark Kendall joins Silent Transport with over 20 years of project forwarding experience and will be responsible for project...

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19th Jan

Star Shipping Delivers Transformers and Accessories

Star Shipping Pakistan has successfully shipped four transformers weighing 35 tons each as well as their accessories including fuel tanks. Their scope of work included receiving the transformers directly onto the trailers via hook-hook, handling...

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19th Jan

Logline International Integrated Logistics in Santos, Brazil joins XLProjects Network (XLP)

We are happy to introduce our latest XLProjects (XLP) member office in Santos, Brazil. Logline International Integrated Logistics Address: Alexandre Herculano Street, 197, Santos 11050-031 Brazil Tel: +55 13 3385 8570 Website: Name: Fabiano Kunz Logline International Integrated Logistics is an MTO...

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13th Jan

Across Logistics Moves Machinery

Across Logistics successfully handled three machines from door to Zhangjiagang port, and moved it to Shanghai port by feeder. The total weight of the machines were 200 tons with a total volume of 430.73 CBM....

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05th Jan

Wave Logistics in Montevideo, Uruguay joins XLProjects Network (XLP)

We are happy to introduce our latest XLProjects (XLP) member office in Montevideo, Uruguay. Wave Logistics Address: Sarandi 675, 5th Floor Montevideo 11000 Uruguay Tel: +598 2916 80 75 Website: Name: Olivier Chetanneau - Managing Director Wave...

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04th Jan

Kabir Ahmed Re-elected as President of Freight Forwarders’ Association

XLP member, Kabir Ahmed of Conveyor Logistics, has been re-elected as the president of the Bangladesh Freight Forwarders Association (BAFFA) for two years until 2023. The election was in Dhaka and Chattogram, Bangladesh on December...

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04th Jan

Sanfreight Logistics Pvt. Ltd. in Mumbai, India joins XLProjects Network (XLP)

We are happy to introduce our latest XLProjects (XLP) member office in Mumbai, India. Sanfreight Logistics Pvt. Ltd. Address: A 210-211, International Info Tech Park, Tower No. 1, Mumbai 400705, Maharashtra, India Tel: +91 22 41119900 Website:

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You will find over time that XLProjects has experts spanning the entire world. We will be the closest thing you might find to a “plug and play” service for your overseas requirements. Project logistics specialists need to look no further than our group for virtually all of your project agency needs anywhere. Our network management will ensure that. We are your one-stop shop.

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Consider this an opportunity to become part of a grand group of projects professionals who will help fill your projects sales pipeline with cargo.

Upcoming Events in 2019

XLProjects will take part in several well-known project cargo events around the world. Events that can help charge your projects business growth.