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October 28 – 31, 2024
Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A division of AIN Group Pte Ltd

Part of the esteemed AIN Group Pte Ltd since 2003, XLProjects stands as a pinnacle within the global networks of the logistics industry, specializing in project logistics network operations.

Understanding the needs of project forwarders and charterers

Our seasoned XLProjects management team is well-versed in the intricacies of project forwarding and chartering, leveraging their deep expertise to enhance the efficacy of the project logistics network.

Comprising a multilingual, multinational professional team

At the core of XLProjects is a diverse, multilingual, and multinational team, committed to propelling project logistics companies forward in expanding their international projects agency businesses.

XLProjects Partnership – A
Global Shipping Network

Renowned project logistics companies globally have been aligning with the XLProjects Network since its genesis in October 2012, attesting to our unmatched proficiency in heavy lift handling and transportation across all modes: ocean, air, and land.

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XLProjects Member Partners

XLProjects members are chosen for their unparalleled skills in handling project cargo, adept in managing challenging, hazardous, and oversized shipments.

Member Benefits

Only companies with proven expertise in handling project cargo are eligible to join, ensuring a network of highly qualified professionals.

XLProjects members gain access to a supportive environment where they can collaborate on business ventures, enhancing their project sales pipelines.

The Keystone Financial Protection Program provides XLProjects members with coverage for lost funds due to non-payment or bankruptcy when handling transactions within the network.

XLProjects offers comprehensive support to XLProjects members, focusing on the growth of their international project agency businesses.

As part of AIN Group Pte Ltd, XLProjects operates as one of the logistics industry’s most recognized and established global networks since 2003.

 XLProjects members can leverage the numerous additional benefits offered by XLProjects’ affiliate companies.

Member Partners enjoy the many benefits of doing profitable business with one another, helping each other to help fill their projects sales pipelines with cargo.

A global logistics network

XLProjects spans the globe, delivering expert project logistics solutions that serve as a “plug and play” service for international project logistics requirements. Our projects network is designed to be a one-stop-shop, meeting all project agency needs with precision and reliability.

The XLProjects Network orchestrates exclusive events tailored for members and is a prominent participant in numerous global project cargo conferences and exhibitions, as well as our own valuable AGMs.

Our partners span the globe, with a presence in virtually every significant project logistics port, renowned for their local project cargo market expertise. They have a history of involvement in prominent project freight operations worldwide.

Admittance to XLProjects is reserved for elite, established projects companies with proven expertise in project cargo. The XLProjects management rigorously evaluates all prospective members, ensuring they possess the necessary operational prowess and project cargo acumen.

Members of XLProjects reap the rewards of engaging in lucrative ventures with fellow members, fostering mutual success by contributing to a collective project sales pipeline. As a commitment to the network, new members are expected to allocate at least 50% of their new project business to other XLProjects members within their inaugural year.

In essence, XLProjects embodies the quintessential network of project cargo professionals and project specialists companies you’d seek to connect with in the realm of project logistics networking.

What our clients think about us

Being a member of the XLP network for over 10 years has brought us immense value to our company. We can confidently use experienced,

knowledgeable agents, to move our clients project cargo from shippers and to consignees premises with seamless efficiency.

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Cardinal Global Logistics, Manchester, UK

Being a member of the XLP network for over 10 years has brought us immense value to our company.

We can confidently use experienced, knowledgeable agents, to move our clients project cargo from shippers and to consignees premises with seamless efficiency.

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Cardinal Global Logistics, Manchester, UK

At Comodality, project cargo is at the heart of our business, and when we ventured into joining XLP Project Network,

it was a decision well worth it. XLP came highly recommended to us, and from the moment we joined, their professional team ensured a seamless integration.
We quickly grasped the dynamics of the network and were impressed by the high level of experience and knowledge among XLP members, who are true project professionals. Throughout our journey with XLP, we’ve not only established valuable partnerships but also forged lasting friendships. Today, we proudly count ourselves as XLP members in Finland, Norway, and Denmark, and it’s always a pleasure collaborating with XLP Partners

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Comodality Group, Helsinki, Finland

For XLP, firstly I joined the nice family from year 2018 and when working with the members from XLP,

I will feel comfortable and everyone trust each other very much because of the network, it is not a simple thing since we are also members for other network but to be honest, in others even each other network partners but still not trust each other and sometimes not reliable, which is the first thing I prefer XLP the most Secondly , I have joined the XLP AGM for Dubai and Bangkok, believe it is all AGM after our joining and for sure this year and the future, cause the events and all organizer would be great impressed. Let alone the staff there, Steven, Gary, Daniel, Grace and others we know each other, especially Steve, he is quite active and always helpful for any cases from the network.
Last but not the least, for XLP members and staffs, we are most like friends first and then partner, which is the most important in current life.

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FREJA, Shanghai, China
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Distinctive Method and Perspective

XLP Network's Specialized Expertise

Comprehensive XLP Membership Benefits

Cost-Effective Networking Solutions

Distinctive Method and Perspective

XLProjects champions the cultivation of enduring bonds amidst independent project logistics enterprises, forging not just connections but lasting partnerships. As a strategic and economical avenue for the growth of your project cargo ventures, we guarantee the caliber of your global partnership evolution.

XLP Network's Specialized Expertise

In a world where logistics complexity is constantly escalating, the XLProjects Network simplifies the intricate for those with distinct, specialized requirements. Our meticulous vetting process for membership applications ensures that you engage exclusively with the top-tier professionals in the logistics sector.

Comprehensive XLP Membership Benefits

XLP Members gain all-encompassing benefits, from immediate connectivity with global firms to in-person networking at global events, topped with robust financial safeguards. This holistic approach streamlines operations, conserving both time and resources.

Cost-Effective Networking Solutions

The XLProjects Network curates unparalleled exhibitions and gatherings, uniting niche companies and fostering opportunities to form strategic alliances aimed at achieving collective objectives. With each global meet-up offering a unique experience, members form lasting bonds and trustworthy partnerships within a community often likened to an extended family.

Within the XLProjects community, members are covered by the protective embrace of the Keystone Financial Protection Program.

The Keystone Program is meticulously designed to offer recompense for financial losses incurred from unsettled invoices, safeguarding the transactions between XLProjects members.

Engagement with fellow members comes with the assurance of coverage for all legitimate costs, shielding members against the uncertainties of deliberate non-payment or insolvency, up to a pre-selected threshold as delineated by the program’s framework.

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Need More Information Before Joining The World’s Leading Business-To-Business Network?

If you would like to meet us at any of these events to find out more about XLProjects and apply to be Member Partner, an XLProjects representative will be in attendance and happy to talk to you!