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Every member of XLProjects is covered by our Financial Safeguard Program. Engaging with fellow network members means you’re automatically insured against the financial risks of deliberate non-payment or insolvency, up to a pre-set limit under the program’s rules. This assurance allows members to conduct business with confidence, knowing their financial interests are safeguarded in the event of covered incidents.

Oceans Integrity

This marine conservation initiative is a leading global social endeavor committed to extracting microplastics and plastics from our oceans. We stand as the premier option for logistics organizations aiming to enhance their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance and achieve Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives.

Container xChange

Container xChange is at the forefront of online solutions for container logistics, uniting industry players to efficiently manage, reserve, and track shipping containers, while streamlining associated workflows and financial transactions.


Promoting a safe, efficient, and profitable environment for all members, this strategic alliance positions XLProjects at the forefront of the industry. SC&RA’s legal advocacy keeps members informed and compliant, influencing legislation and regulatory policies as a safeguard. Our members maintain a competitive edge by aligning with SC&RA’s industry standards, leading with quality. 

Educationally, SC&RA’s resources ensure our members are well-versed in best practices, elevating operational and safety standards. Vital for business growth and collaborative innovation, networking opportunities at SC&RA events allow members to forge impactful industry connections. Enhancing the capabilities of its members in heavy lift and project forwarding, XLProjects Network reaps significant benefits from its SC&RA membership.


Centralizing logistics operations within a unified global database is crucial for maintaining operational continuity, enabling growth, and ensuring data security.


Centralizing logistics operations on a single global database is essential for business continuity, scalability and security.

Benefits of Partnering

XLProjects is proud to work with a trusted core group of affiliates that ensure your clients’ goals are achieved efficiently and on time.

Access to a global network of core members

By becoming an affiliate with XLP, you can bring your services and benefits to our extensive network of key clients.

Enhanced exposure for your brand

Affiliate partners enjoy gained credibility that’s invaluable in how your business is perceived in the eyes of our industry.

Access to specialized expertise

Each of our partners are experts in their respective fields, so you can guarantee you’re working with only the very best at what they do.


No matter how big or small the job is at hand, we know who to connect you with to improve profitability and efficiency should you see a sudden surge in demand.

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