Star Shipping Pakistan delivers Jhimpir Wind Project equipment

Star Shipping Pakistan is rapidly growing and providing professional logistics support to its clients in Pakistan and across the globe. Recently, Star Shipping Pakistan was given the task of transporting a crucial shipment for the Jhimpir Wind Power Project by General Electric, during the Eid-Ul-Adha Festival 2020. The shipment was from Karachi Port to Jhimpir, Pakistan.

Even though the logistics industry remains closed in Pakistan during Eid Festivals, Star Shipping Pakistan was able to arrange a timely and successful delivery of the shipment and unload it at the Jhimpir Site by their crane & rigging team.

The weather was humid and hot due to it being summer in Pakistan, but it didn’t inflict any influence on the logistics operation. Even though it was Eid-Holidays in Pakistan, keeping perspective of the importance and urgency of the shipment delivery, Star Shipping Pakistan delivered the cargo without any delay, in a safe and sound condition.