Star Shipping inspects Girders for the Karachi Shipyard

Star Shipping Pakistan recently carried out an inspection survey of ten OOG Girders ranging from 24 meters to 29 meters long during the first week of August 2020.

Their client gave them the technical task of surveying a break-bulk shipment consisting of extra-long and over gauge steel structure units at Karachi Port, destined to be delivered to Karachi Shipyard, Pakistan. The shipment comprised of 32 packages, including ten over-gauge & heavy girders. Total the total freight was 2,458.70 tons. The shipment was discharged and received under hook at the Karachi Port in safe condition. The hook-hook receiving of the whole shipment was carried out during the monsoon season, but luckily there was no heavy rainfall during the operations. There was no injury to any human resources or equipment during the process.