Sea Cargo Logistics handles Hydraulic press to Mexico

Sea Cargo Logistics participated in the transport and the reception of 1 x Hydraulic Press H19-3700 Type HDZ 800 and 3 ancillary equipments from Germany to Mexico. The cargo arrived in Veracruz port on RORO vessel, cargo on MAFI which they later arranged to be unstuffed using a Gottwald crane at the terminal and in coordination with the stevedore team.

During the port offloading and unstuffing process they arranged for a Marine Surveyor. Sea Cargo arranged for the inland transportation from Veracruz port to two different sites in Puebla State using one modular equipment and one Lowboy.

Due to the width and weight of the main unit, they decided to apply for special permits as well as several obstacle removals on the road to the client. As a result, the cargo arrived on site without delays from their side, transport and port operations were both completed satisfactorily, the cargo was offloaded to final position at site and received in a clean condition.

Details of the load:

  • 1 x 8.45*5.8*3.7m / weight 104.00 tons
  • 1 x 5.9*2.3*2.55m / weight 5.02 tons
  • 1 x 6*2.3*2.1m / weight 7.32 tons
  • 1 x 2.9*1.8*2.8m / weight 2.10 tons

Port of Loading and Discharge:

  • POL: Zeebrugge
  • POD: Veracruz