Export Consolidation Services deliver a Wide Load Boat and Heavy Cranes in Kenya.

Export Consolidation Service deliver a wide load boat from Mombasa port to Kisumu via Road, with the following measurements: length 10.7 m, height 6m, width 4.25m weight was 30kg. Also, they received a wide load of delivering heavy Cranes from Mombasa port to Kajiado via road. The length was 15.49m, width 3.1m, height 3.4m, volume 1.6326m and a weight of 66760 tonnes.

Challenges of the move:

– to handle the sheer size of commodities as it was a wide load.

– to look for the most convenient transport routes

– to use an escort team to provide limelight on the cargo movement to enhance its safe arrival

– to control all the loose cables to avoid any danger with Kenya Power Electricity team

– to avoid causing traffic which they managed until the boat was well delivered.


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