NMT Oceania Pty. Ltd. in Perth, Brisbane, Port Kembla, Melbourne in Australia join XLProjects Network (XLP)

We are happy to introduce our latest XLProjects (XLP) member offices in Perth, Brisbane, Port Kembla, Melbourne in Australia.

NMT Oceania Pty. Ltd.

Address: Unit 1, 103 Garling Street O’Connor, WA

Perth 6163 Australia

Tel: +61 8 9437 5431

Website: https://xlprojects.net/company/nmt-oceania-pty-ltd-2/

Contact: Daniel Radaich

NMT Oceania Pty. Ltd.

Address: Unit 5, 8 Navigator Place Hendra, QLD

Brisbane 4011 Australia

Tel: +61 7 3268 2050

Website: https://xlprojects.net/company/nmt-oceania-pty-ltd/

Contact: Russell Vosseler

NMT Oceania Pty. Ltd.

Address: PO Box 176 Port Kembla, NSW

Wollongong 2505 Australia

Tel: +61 468 881 144

Website: https://xlprojects.net/company/nmt-oceania-pty-ltd-4/

Contact: Brett Woolfe

NMT Oceania Pty. Ltd.

Address: Level 2, Suite 236/1 Queens Road VIC

Melbourne 3004 Australia

Tel: +61 3 9048 1164

Website: https://xlprojects.net/company/nmt-oceania-pty-ltd-3/

Contact: Beau Morgan


NMT Oceania is a specialist in the shipping of used machinery with wheels or tracks on a “as is, where is” basis.

Utilizing their extensive product knowledge, hands on methodology, and engaging their significant network of contractors machinery is moved from A to B with ease.

They operate a licensed customs brokerage and provide customs clearance, consultancy on duty rates and can apply for duty relief through mechanisms such as Tariff Concession Orders on behalf of importers.

In addition they maintain strong relationships with Quarantine approved depots and can provide expedited clearance of new and used cargo through Australian Quarantine.

You can be confident when using NMT Oceania that you are not only receiving prompt replies, but are adding value to your supply chain with the buying power and experience of the largest specialist mobile machinery freight forwarder in Australia.

We welcome NMT Oceania Pty. Ltd. to the XLP team!