Langowski Logistics Sp. z o.o. Delivers the Railway Machinery Shipment to New Zealand

Langowski Logistics Sp. z o.o. has successfully delivered the railway machinery (in export) from Gdynia, Poland to Auckland, New Zealand in four open-top containers.

In addition, the team handled the forming service which took place in Gdansk, as well as fumigation, which is the control of pests (e.g., insects and rodents) using chemicals in the form of smoke, steam, or gas. Fumigation is required for international transport, outside the European Union as well as between some EU countries. Fumigation aims to reduce the risk of the spread of quarantine pests in international trade.

What is PEM-LEM?

PEM-LEM is a set of equipment adapted to the laying of turnouts in blocks and track spans. The PEM is an overhead crane that lifts components of up to 20 tons, while the LEM is a transport trolley that allows individual track spans to be transported to the place of installation.