City Union Logistics Recently Accomplished a Shipment Project from China to Australia

City Union Logistics has successfully completed a shipment of 17 pieces of fans from Sichuan, China to Brisbane, Australia with a total gross weight of 75 tons. The cargo was loaded into 8 x 40FR, 661.2 CBM.

The journey began at the client’s factory in Chengdu, Sichuan where City Union Logistics picked up the cargo and the port of loading (POL) is in Shanghai.

Once the cargo arrived at the warehouse in Shanghai, City Union Logistics team focused on keeping the cargo safely in more than 1,800 km. transportation routes. The team did lash and reinforcement, covered the tarpaulin, and ensured everything was suitable for the request of the shipping line.

City Union Logistics also helped reserve the necessary space for the 8 x 40FR and ensured the cargo would be accommodated without any delays. Moreover, the team provided competitive pricing and remained responsive to the client’s requirements.

City Union Logistics has successfully gated into the port ensuring that the shipment departed as scheduled.