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COLI Project Cargo Successfully Completed Girder Bridge Transportation of Transformers

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After 2 months of thorough studies and preparations, COLI Project Cargo in Istanbul successfully completed the time-constraint project consisting of 2 pieces of transformers, each weighing 285 mtons.

Upon receiving the transformers at Safiport, Derince in Turkey as underhook, the Coli team executed back-to-back shipments to the final delivery point via girder bridge on a challenging route where countless civil works and road improvements were made.

Initially, a gantry crane with a capacity of 1000 mtons was installed at the port yard. After receiving the transformers underhook on a 12-axle SPMT, both transformers were discharged with a gantry to a dedicated area within the port.

Upon loading the first transformer onto the girder bridge configuration, the shipment was executed and was repeated two times to finalize the project in a period of 10 days.

Although the distance between the seaport and the destination was approximately 50 km, each shipment took around 6 to 8 hours due to intense road preparations, civil works, and road improvements.

The girder bridge configuration of 12 axle – 12 axle (2 files) was combined in 2 days with significant efforts by the Coli team of experts and the transport length was 80 meters together with the prime movers which made the transportation even more difficult.

Once reaching the site with each transformer, a transshipment had to be made (due to the length of the convoy) to a 12-axle SPMT combination to maneuver within the job site to its final position.

COLI Project Cargo Istanbul is glad to see satisfied clients with the help of the Coli team’s tailor-made extraordinary solutions.

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