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Esprit Logistics cooperated with Invicta Projects and Shipping to deliver an LNG Sub Cooler to Busan, Korea

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Esprit logistics was appointed with the task of delivering an LNG sub cooler for Samsung Heavy Industries. This sub cooler transportation was part of the shipbuilding project with Wartsila gas solutions AS and the sub cooler will be shipped on an LNG vessel which will be built by Samsung Heavy Industries.

The LNG sub cooler weighs 47 tons but the length is 14.36m which is way longer than normal oversized cargo and width is 4.83m and height 4.1m. Altogether, the volume of the shipments was 285 cubic meters!

One of the biggest challenges in transporting this sub cooler was to find the best route from shipper’s factory to port within a short period. Due to heavy rain in Italy, which caused some road, it was decided that in-land transportation of the cargo was not possible. However, the fellow XLP member in Belgium, Invicta Projects and Shipping did not give up and found another detour route by their own road survey. As such, they managed to meet the cargo cut off and proceeded on the shipment schedule as planned.

Another challenge was arranging a proper shipping schedule as per the shipper’s volatile need. As mentioned, there were some road damages and the pavement of the road is not planned exactly. Therefore, the shipper changed POL several times. Meanwhile, shipper kept asking Esprit and Invicta to find and secure space every 3-4hours for each different port. It was very demanding for an over-sized cargo arrangement. However, thanks to Invicta’s careful organization and coordination between shipper and carriers, they were able to secure every booking without any space issues or delays. The final loading work took only two hours under Invicta’s supervision.

This experience with the project logistics specialists, Esprit and Invicta gave Samsung the confidence that their expertise could help manage its freight, resolve problems in real time, and provide the timely results this move required. Needless to say, the customer, Samsung was very satisfied with the overall performance from Esprit and our local agent: all cargo arrived in good condition—in the proper order—ready to get to work!

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