XLProjects at Breakbulk China 2017

XLProjects at Breakbulk China 2017

XLProjects exhibited at Breakbulk China 2017 in Shanghai for the 5th consecutive year. As always it was a busy event but this year we noticed the quality of visitors was higher than previous years which was evident with all the positive meetings we had.

Manning the booth was XLProject’s Mr. Steve and XLP’s Chinese representative, Ms. Cassie Tang.

Sharing the booth with XLP this year, we had the following members:

· Freight Connection Group for the 2nd year running from Karachi, Pakistan was represented by Mr. Khurram Niazi.

· Yuexin Logistics also for the 2nd year from Shanghai, China was represented by Ms. Diana Ding, Mr. Gao Lu, Ms. Amanda Zhang

· Fairmacs from Singapore which was represented by Mr. Ashok Chawdhary.

Next on the roster will be Breakbulk Europe for the last time in Antwerp until renovations to the exhibition hall are completed.

See you there!!