Westdijk Sweden AB in Gothenburg, Sweden joins XLP!

We are happy to introduce our latest XLProjects (XLP) member office in Gothenburg, Sweden:

Westdijk Sweden AB

Box 192, Stenungsund, 44423,

Tel : +46-31-264116
Fax : +46-31-264110

Website : https://xlprojects.net/westdijk-sweden-ab/

Contact : Roger Arvidsson, Managing Director

Westdijk specialize in the transport of exceptional sized cargo. Specially trained personnel accompany your transport from beginning to end and the entire process is supported by the latest communication technology. In short, Westdijk has a solution for all your transport requirements.

Westdijk, one of Netherlands largest hauliers in exceptional transport, established in Sweden since 2005

We welcome Westdijk to the XLP team!