Unishipping International in Varna, Bulgaria joins XLProjects Network (XLP)

We are happy to introduce our latest XLProjects (XLP) member office in Varna, Bulgaria.

Unishipping International

Address: 45, Tzaribrod Str.
Varna 9000 Bulgaria

Tel+359 52 606757 / 606759

Fax: +359 52 606758


Name: George Belev – CEO

Unishipping International is a full logistics service provider with more than 28 years of experience in the ever expanding and challenging transport and logistics industry. They provide a full range of forwarding and logistic solutions through their associated companies, all part of the Unishipping International Group: Unishipping International LTD, Uniport Co. Ltd., United Chartering Ltd.

Through hard work, professionalism, innovations and profound care for our customers, thy heave built up a solid reputation that is now associated with reliability, precision and personal touch and have established tasmselves as one of the respected and renowned forwarders in Bulgaria.

Based in the port city of Varna, Unishipping International Ltd was established in 1993 as a small family business. Marching forward through the years, they expanded and have developed into a dynamic company, employing highly motivated and qualified personnel. Strategically located in the major ports (Varna and Bourgas sea ports and Rousse port on the Danube river) as well as Sofia airport, they constantly work to better serve the needs of their customers and partners.

Through years of dedicated service they have acclaimed a Quality Management Systems Certificate DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 from RINA. They believe and have always believed in maintaining high quality standards. They stress on customer service and satisfaction and incorporate continuous improvements within the organization to better suit their customers. Because your success is their success.

Industrial project cargoes, heavy lifts and oversized goods, due to their nature and value, are subject to special attention and time-sensitive transport design. To ensure that each and every stage of transport is carried out precisely and without interruptions, Unishipping International Ltd offers personal supervision during the cargo operations throughout the transport chain. They can and will supervise loading and, or unloading, photo coverage and videotaping, safeguarding cargo documentation and timely reporting upon customer request.

They provide a full range of services from LCL, FCL, Air Freight, FTL, LTL and of course Project Logistics including:

  • Lashing, unlashing and securing
  • Surveying
  • Port Aagency
  • Port Handling
  • Custom Brokerage

We welcome Unishipping International to the XLP team!