TransProCon AB Executes a Movement of Large PreFabricated Parts to Make a Climate Control Tunnel for Volvo Sweden

TransProCon successfully executed a movement of 30+ large prefabricated and very odd shaped parts to make a Climate Control Tunnel for Volvo Sweden.

The largest piece’s weight was 34 ton with a volume of 460 m3 and the dimensions were LWH 10 x 7 x 6.5 m. This shipment was a total of 4,000 FRT (Freight Tons)

The scope of the shipment was from the fabrication yard to FOT Gothenburg.

Port of Loading: Port of Vigo, Spain

Port of Discharge: Port of Gothenburg, Sweden

Challenges of the move:

–         Very tight schedule from completion of fabrication to delivery, not all pieces were available in the right order, causing several changes to stowage in order to keep vessel loading.

–         The loading berth in Vigo was being used for the first time in many years, and thus presented many unknowns.

–         Additionally, the cargo did not lend itself to simple stowage. It was a good work-out for their cargo superintendents.