Trans-Trading Handles Hightech-E-Locs

Recently, Trans-Trading has handled three more Hightech-E-Locs, a total of 50 locomotives have now been dispatched from D-Lübeck to Hanko/Finland. Each weighing 90 tonnes and measuring 19,04 x 3,05 x 4,44 mtr.

These three locomotives have travelled “on their own axles” from Bavarian plant in Munich to Seelandkai terminal, where they were prepared in cooperation between Trans-Trading and the Lübeck Port Company (LHG) for the ocean transport to Hanko/Finland via Ferry Service from Transfennica.

All locomotives were safely placed on the roll trailers without any problems and could be loaded onto the ship on time.

Vessel: Hafnia Sea

The locomotives arrived at Hanko in good condition and could be placed on the track without any problems.

Another 30 locomotives will be delivered to Hanko by Trans-Trading in the next 4 years.