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Trans-Trading GmbH coordinate the import handling of a Generator

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Trans-trading recently coordinate the import handling of a Generator from Norfolk, USA to Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Project Details:

  • POL: Norfolk, USA
  • POD: Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Ocean Vessel: YM Enlightenment
  • Commodity: 1x Generator
  • Dimension: 13,4 x 3,9 x 4,3 m
  • Total Weight: 370,0 Tons

Their scope of work includes import handling, import customs clearance, direct discharge from Ocean Vessel onto Barge in. The heavy cargo was taken over by a floating crane Matador 3 which is a self-propelled floating crane with a maximum lifting capability of 1800 tons and the cargo was on carriage via barge to Mülheim, Germany.

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