Star Shipping Delivers Main Body Transformers

Recently, Heavy-Lifts experts of Star Shipping (Pvt) Limited have scored another milestone achievement by delivering 3 units of heavy 220KV Main Body Transformers to the most populated province of Pakistan i.e., Central Punjab, with the association of Star Shipping Pakistan’s local partner in Pakistan.

Their work-scope included the Hook-Hook Direct Delivery reception of 3 units*220KV Transformer Main Bodies (Weighing 146 tons each) onto heavy hauler triple-tandem Lowbed trailers at Karachi Port, Transportation of the Transformers from Karachi Port to Central Punjab Site(s) and Manual Skidding & Placement of the Main Body Transformers onto prebuild foundations at destination Site(s).

The roads-terrain of Southern Regions of Pakistan to its Central Regions in Panjab are throughout dry & plain tracks with hottest summer & mediocre winter. The traffic remains heavy and abundant on this track due to its nature of being the primary route from Karachi to all regions of Pakistan. Thus, the task of movement of such a heavy loads into rush-hour traffic & perilous track roads was quite challenging and breath-taking transit. But their expert drivers and co-op crew took this challenge and successively executed the task by delivering all 3 units of 220KV Main Body Transformers to their destinations in Central Punjab and by unloading the transformers onto their foundations.

Such achievements have great importance for Star Shipping Pakistan, as currently it has become quite a challenge to compete and prosper in the global logistics industry due to the worldwide climate change, supply-chains shortcomings & huge competition within the industry, yet they are achieving their goals successfully and that’s a blessing.

They are specialized in handling turn-key projects through vast experience, international connections, shipping & logistics maneuver and hold a praiseworthy history and sound credentials to be ranked as the specialist in Handling Power Projects and Project Cargo Transportation across the globe.