Sea Cargo Logistics accomplished a Steel Yankee Dryer project shipment

Sea Cargo Logistics effectively accomplished a shipment of Steel Yankee Dryer from Marina di Carrara in Italy to Veracruz in Mexico.

Due to the dimensions of the cargo, Sea Cargo decided to arrange for special road permits as well as the removal of obstacles with several parties in Mexico such as CFE, Telmex, cable companies, Federal, Municipal and State police etc.

They used a special modular equipment – bridge type – as the height of the unit to be transported was itself challenging for Mexican roads. Moreover, they coordinated the offloading from the vessel to transport at Veracruz with stevedores, arranged for a marine surveyor and the transportation to site. The delivery took 9 days from port to site.

The cargo arrived at Christmas time and they decided to store it until road circulation was reopened for abnormal loads after festivities.

Project Details:

  • Commodity: 1 x Steel Yankee Dryer
  • Size: 6.09 x 5.56 x 5.56m
  • Weights: 100tons
  • Port of Loading: Marina di Carrara, Italy
  • Port of Discharge: Veracruz, Mexico
  • Delivery: Cd Sahagun Hidalgo