Prologis Freight Transports Offshore Equipment for New Stainless Steel Making & Casting Plant

Prologis Freight is proud to present a project that they successfully handled for their esteemed customer. Project detail is as follows:

Cargo:  Supply of offshore equipment for new stainless steel making & casting plant

Amount: 17 packages, non-stackable

Weight: 32 tons to 41 tons

Total volume: 1,760 FRT (Freight Tons), 790 FRT & 970 FRT

Port of Loading & Port of Discharge:

Port of Dalian, China to Vizag Port, India (around 790 FRT) and Ex Shanghai, China to Port of Kolkata, India (around 970 FRT)

The move was challenging because all 17 packages they transported were non-stackable. Non-stackable items are more costly to move as they cannot be stacked due to their shape or packing, they are more difficult to move, and they take a lot of room on a carrier/ vessel.