HBH Logistics Transports Waste Heat Exchanger from Raciborz, Poland up to Kohtla-Järve, Estonia

HBH Logistics had successfully transported a waste heat exchanger (lower part and upper part) from Raciborz, Poland to Kohtla-Järve, Estonia.

Their first intention was to use the land way from Raciborz up to Gydnia and from there by ferry to Paldiski, Estonia. Meanwhile, the inspection from their partner in Poland found out that the former dimensions of the parts were not correct and did get a measurement for new/correct dimensions. The correct dimensions for both parts were higher – more than 30 – 80 cm. That meant these parts were no longer able to be transported by land. Detail of the shipments are as following:

Part # 1

Former dimensions: 17,795 x 4,127 x 4,127 mm (55 to.)
Correct dimensions: 18,310 x 5,190 x 4,700 mm (55 t) after final checking

Part# 2

Former dimensions: 15,375 x 4,527 x 4,527 mm (70 to.)
Correct dimensions: 15,870 x 5,003 x 4,840 mm (70 t) after final checking

The new route was from Raciborz via Opole until Sczcecin and from there by a coaster vessel to Estonia. From entry port up to jobsite by semi-low loader.

The challenge of this move was the low water situation in the River from Opole to Szczecin and all other circumstances on route.

Nevertheless, they successfully fulfilled the job for their client who was more than satisfied with HBH Logistics.