Megalift Transports a Transformer Crossing the Thai-Malaysia Borders

The transformer, along with its accessories, was imported for a 50 MW large-scale solar plant currently in construction. Malaysia’s large-scale solar projects are mushrooming thanks to the country’s direction towards building renewable energies.

Megalift received the transformer at the Thai-Malaysia borders from their partner in Thailand. Upon loading it onto their multi-axle trailers, they started the transport from the border to the solar plant site, approximately 170 kilometres away.

At the solar plant site, they mobilised their equipment and team to move the transformer to its foundation. From their trailer they jacked up the transformer and slowly skidded it onto its plinth. Since transformers are usually heavy, coupled with space limitation at construction sites, the jack and skid method is usually executed to safely position the transformer.

Cargo: Transformer
Dimension: L 6.5 m x W 2.75 m x W 4.05 m
Weight: 50 ton