Darka Collaborate with Scan Projects on Delivering Multiple Items from Port Sudan to Abyei (Pakistani COE)

Darka recently collaborated in a partnership with Scan projects in Denmark to complete a project of delivering multiple items from Port Sudan to Abyei, which is an area on the border between South Sudan and Sudan. Distance to the destination was around 1800 km. The details of shipment are as following:

Pakistani COE:

Date: August-2022

Vessel name: MV JEBEL ALI 5

Arrived port Sudan: 20-April-2022

Place of delivery: ABYEI


Containers: 43

DG Containers: 12

Vehicles: 96

Trailers: 25

Breakbulk: 68

Total Items: 244

Total Weight (kg): 1,094,212.27

Total Cubic Meters: 7,606.69