Likoudis Agelos Heavy Transportation L.P in Attiki, Greece joins XLP!

We are happy to introduce our latest XLProjects (XLP) member office in Attiki, Greece


Likoudis Agelos Heavy Transportation L.P

Megaridos & Ag. Georgiou 19300 Aspropirgos,

Tel : +302105579220
Fax : +302105571816

Website :

Contact : Pavlos Likoudis

Services Include

  1. Transport
  • Common Freight Transport: Standard transportation with open or tilt trailers
  • Special Transport: Transportation of overweight and oversized loads.
  • Dangerous Goods Transport: Transportation of ADR Goods and Class 1 Goods (explosives).
  • Heavy Vehicles Road Service: Vehicle recovery 24/7, with just one phone call.
  1. Transport Project Organizing
  • For road transport and combination of road and sea transport.
  • Their long-time experience in the transport industry and their excellent collaboration with their partners abroad, combined with their highly-specialized equipment, allow them to organize big transport projects involving normal, oversized or overweight loads, to and from any point in Europe and other locations.
  1. Lifting Operations
  • Loading & Unloading – Their trucks with crane can accomplish a variety of loading, transport and unloading operations, even with oversized loads.
  • Placement & Installation – Utilizing their full range of heavy loads management equipment, and armed with their extensive experience, they can place “anything, anywhere”.
  • Personnel Lifts – Their wholly owned, certified, rotary and fixed personnel lifts can take crew and tools of up to 500 kg to a height of up to 32 m.
  • Forklifts – They provide a range of forklifts for rent, with or without an operator. Their strong point is container filling using a 6-ton forklift with dimensions that allow its entry into the container.
  1. Pass Permits & Escort 

Their company’s Pass Permits Department can undertake the issuance of pass permits for oversized and overweight vehicles in Greece, the Balkans and the rest of Europe. Utilizing their wholly owned fleet of escort vehicles and their specialized personnel, they can undertake the escort of oversized and overweight vehicles.

  1. Route Survey

Thanks to our long experience in special transport, we have the capability of checking a route and determining whether it is possible for an oversized vehicle to pass through.

  1. Loading – Lashing – Securing Operations Supervision

We can undertake the design and supervision of the loading, lashing and securing operations for any load, on trucks, flat rack containers and Mafi, as well as the issuance of the relevant Lashing Certificate.

  1. Customs Formalities

We can undertake the customs formalities for your load, under any import, export or transit procedure, through Greece with T1, T2L, Carnet Tir, depending on the country of origin and the final destination. We can also provide individual guarantees for load transit from and/or to third countries.

  1. Freight Insurance

Our company provides insurance for the transported freight, for goods with a value of up to € 60,000 per transport, inside and outside Greece. However, for goods of higher value, we issue an individual insurance policy on the client’s company name.

We welcome Likoudis Agelos Heavy Transportation L.P to the XLP team!