Kamor Logistics delivers Condenser Modules

Kamor Logistics completed another successful delivery of heavy odd-sized Condenser Modules from Gunsan, South Korea to Haifa, Israel.

The shipment consisted of 15 odd-sized units consigned to the ‘Israeli Electricity Company’ , arriving from the port of Gunsan, South Korea.

The parcel was carried by the Shanghai-based general cargo operator ARM onboard one of its liner-vessels and was discharged at Kishon berth in Haifa Port, Israel, using the port’s shore cranes.

The heaviest units (87 and 93 mts) were discharged using two Terex cranes working in tandem.

This cargo-lot was the second on a series of five project-cargo shipments being handled for the Israeli Electricity Company by Kamor Logistics LTD, for the full satisfaction of all concerned parties.