Invicta Project & Shipping ships Ring-Forcing

Invicta Project & Shipping handled the shipping of two Ring-Forcing. The dimensions of each were 7020 x 7020 x 1835mm, weighing 31 tons and it was shipped from the shipper’s warehouse in Italy to Korea. The convoy from the shipper’s warehouse to Marghera port was performed during the nighttime.

Since many underpasses were too narrow, at some point, the convoy had to transit on the opposite direction. Also, civil work was required to remove several obstacles along the road.

Invicta’s scope of work included inland haulage, road survey, customs, port handling, loading survey, and seafreight to Busan Port.

The cargo was smoothly loaded on the booked vessel, and the consignment reached its final destination successfully and on schedule, gaining the satisfaction of the client.