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Integral Chile recently celebrated its 28th anniversary and a look back on some of their recent projects with XLP members

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Integral Chile recently celebrated its 28th anniversary in a comradeship celebration where participated both National and International areas. CEO, Elena Zapata, emphasized that “it’s great to work with such a talented and experienced team. And best of all is that many of our customers have valued the service we provide for many years”. On the other hand, numbers speak by themselves as the company’s net yearly result improved in 27% from 2018 to 2019.

Among the International area, the Special Projects & Heavy Lift Division has worked hard to deliver mainly as DAP or DDP such specialized kid of cargo in a very competitive environment. One very interesting example is related to the construction of a 2.8 kilometers bridge that will connect the big Chiloe island with the continent. Working along with a fellow XLP member, Punto System S.p.A. in Italy, during 2019 Integral Chile handled different construction parts, heavy tools and accessories through the complexity of unloading in a distant port, highway transit with police escort due to oversized cargo and a careful placing on the worksite. Even though the project has been recently put into stand-by status due to an additional budget review, once operations resume and the bridge is finished, it will be the longest one in Latin America.

Another example of special cargo handling is an energy project in the south-center region of Chile. This time, working with another XLP partner, COLI Shipping & Transport do Brasil Ltda. Integral Chile handled a 26.8 tons power transformer, which is a very important component for the construction of an additional substation to a currently existing transmission line. That equipment will allow the expansion of the energy distribution system and improve the quality of life of many people.

Even more recently, in March, Integral Chile managed a series of 40” high cube containers with reels for a photovoltaic plant in a southern location in Chile. Working along with XLProjects member, Intermodal Forwarding. The reels were sent from Mexico to a Chilean port in the south center, where they were unloaded, then transported to the site to be deconsolidated there.

Despite the recent and fast worldwide expansion of Covid-19, Integral Chile continues its operations with many measures implemented to safeguard employees, customers and suppliers. The company is currently participating in other special projects and will provide the high-quality service (ISO-9001 certified) that marks Integral Chile’s style.


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