H&P Logis Japan Inc. handle equipment by H&P Special Container

Project Details:

  • Commodity : LCD/Semiconductor Equipment
  • Shipment : Ro-Ro Vessel by H&P Special Container
  • Project Period : Jan 2019 ~ Dec 2019
  • Route : Japan – Korea/China/Taiwan
  • Scope of work: Terminal In, Ro-Ro Vessel arrival, Loading cargo, lashing in vessel and inland transportation

Characteristics of H&P Special Container:

  • Temperature and Humidity Controlling
  • Over Wide/Height size acceptable
  • No need crating by Wooden
  • Having special container with various kinds

H&P Logis Japan Inc. has been involved in complex multimodal project cargo shipping for over the last five years, providing awarding winning project cargo logistics services to businesses around the globe.

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