Freight Traders Ltd Powers Up New Zealand with Successful Power Station Charter

Freight Traders Ltd (FTL), a member of the XLProjects network, has successfully completed the loading of another power station for New Zealand shores. This latest charter, weighing in at 1697 tonnes and measuring 5640 cubic meters, marks the first stage of a new power station build in the region.

The shipment included 26 cooling bundles, each weighing 41 tonnes and measuring 18.96 meters in length, 2.66 meters in width, and 2.88 meters in height. The success of this complex and demanding project highlights FTL’s expertise and experience in handling complex logistics challenges.

The Geothermal Power Station project to New Zealand comprises two time-critical ocean charters, FCL and LCL shipping, airfreight, road and rail transport, storage, and insurance. To ensure the success of the project, FTL will leverage their membership in the XLProjects (XLP) network, reaching out to many XLP members for shipping assistance.

FTL’s commitment to delivering exceptional services is evident in the successful completion of this project. Their use of the latest technology and equipment, combined with their experience in handling complex logistics projects, ensures that clients’ cargo is transported safely and securely.

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