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Aprojects Germany Successfully Ships a Large Machine from Germany to Port Sudan

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Aprojects GmbH (formerly Trans-Trading GmbH), a member of the XLProjects (XLP) network, has
recently completed the transportation of a large machine from Malschwitz, Germany to Port Sudan.
The transportation of the 10.5-ton machine, measuring 8.38 meters by 2.75 meters by 3.60 meters,
involved a comprehensive scope of work, which included pick-up of the machine from 02694
Malschwitz, Germany, stuffing, round trip, VGM weighting of a 40-foot flat rack, export customs
clearance, and seafreight from Bremerhaven to Port Sudan.

Aprojects GmbH team of experts handled the pick-up of the machine and its transportation to the
port of Bremerhaven, where it was loaded onto a 40-foot flat rack. The company then managed the
stuffing, round trip, and VGM weighting of the flat rack before proceeding with the export customs
clearance process.

Finally, the machine was loaded onto MV Traiguen, a reliable vessel in the industry, for the final leg
of its journey to Port Sudan. The project was completed successfully, and the machine was delivered
to its final destination in a timely and safe manner.

Aprojects membership in XLP, combined with their experience in handling complex logistics projects,
has made them a reliable and efficient logistics and freight forwarding company. Their commitment
to delivering exceptional services is evident in the successful completion of this project, and their
use of the latest technology and equipment ensures that clients' cargo is transported safely and

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