Freight Traders Ltd New Zealand Handle Power Station

The team at Freight Traders Ltd (FTL) recently handled a ship charter into New Zealand’s Central North Island port of Tauranga.

The project comprised 314 packages, total weight of 1,195 tonne and total volume of 4,577.85 cubic meter.

The shipment included three transformers – the largest one was 8.75 x 3.60 x 4.80 m (LWH) & 148.4 tonne.

Turbine casing 1 – 8.17  x 6.18 x 3.55 m (LWH), 61 tonne

Turbine casing 2 – 6.65 x 5.68 x 3.86 m (LWH), 59 tonne

Turbine casing 3 – 6.78 x 4.48 x 4.05 m (LWH), 32 tonne

Turbines were also included in this shipment. There were six Turbine lower shell; the size was 7.51 x 5.45 x 4.85 m (LWH) each, and four Turbine upper shell; the size was 7.51 x 3.53 x 2.95 m (LWH) each.

Much of the cargo was caught under ships hook and stooled off at port for later transport to site.

The project will be on-going with Freight Traders feeding shipments of all sizes and modes of transport to the site.