FLS Project Update: Tangguh Expansion Project

FLS Project Update: Tangguh Expansion Project

In February 2017 FLS Projects was awarded with the Marshalling Yard package for the Tangguh Expansion Project. FLS’ scope included the handling of a minimum of 600,000 FRT break bulk and general cargo at the Cilegon Marshalling Yard, West Java, Indonesia.

Part of the scope of that package included:

-Developing infrastructure to serve the project, including the design and construction of warehouses and other cargo handling facilities.

-Design and implementation of cargo handling procedures according to latest industry standards.

-Storage and consolidation of cargo for barge and heavy lift vessel transportation. And much much more

More than 200 days after the award, the records speak for themselves:

-Volume of cargo handled:             > 120,000 rtons

-Man hours worked:                        > 200,000

-Safe days worked:                           > 200

-Exposure hours without LTI:        > 200,000

-No. of LTI’s:                                      0

-No. of TRI’s:                                     0

-No. of Golden Rule Violations:    0

Safety First! Well done FLS Projects Indonesia!