Dexpro Logistics Pvt Ltd in Mumbai, India joins XLP!

We are happy to introduce our latest XLProjects (XLP) member office in Mumbai, India

Dexpro Logistics Pvt Ltd
B/203, Polaris Bussiness Park
Off Marol Maroshi Road Marol, Andheri East,
Mumbai – 400059

Tel : +91 22 40175555- 60

Website :

Contact : Mr. Sanjay Sikka – Director

Dexpro Logistics Pvt Ltd is a Global Freight Forwarding and Project Logistics company.

They strive to offer a wide range of services through their offices in India, and their agency network across the globe. They have a proven track record and the operational skills in Global Freight Forwarding, Projects and Heavy Lifts, Transport Engineering, Chartering and Shipping Operations and Coastal Shipping. Their team of dedicated professionals take pride in providing customized solutions and services to various industry verticals like Power, Infrastructure and Engineering machinery.

They engage in long term and mutually beneficial relationships which are not transactional in nature and they appreciate the immense contribution of their customers and partners towards their growth.

They aspire to be one of the top project logistics company in India displaying total commitment to their customers,quality and innovation and the society in which they operate.
Today, armed with the belief that they exist to provide best in class logistical solutions to their customers and partners, they operate a Company which believes in hiring and nurturing the best talent, following best practices, maintaining the highest standards of quality and innovation and maintaining transparency in everything they do.

They take great pride in serving their customers who trust them to deliver their best. They remain thankful for their support and generosity. They are immensely proud of their dedicated and professional team. Their skill, dedication and single minded focus to provide the best logistical solutions have taken them thus far and will shape the future of the Company.

They will continue their endeavor to be the best in what they do, grow their business to be one of the leading project logistics service providers in India, provide growth and learning opportunities to the people who work with them.

Project Cargo

They  have built a formidable reputation in handling Projects and Heavy lift shipments to worldwide destinations. They have the expertise to offer their customers world class projects and heavy lift services. No matter where the destination is, their projects team will make sure that the cargo is delivered efficiently and at minimum cost and time.

  • Professional team to handle special over dimensional cargoes either in special containers or as break bulk.
  • Dedicated operations team to understand the needs for handling cargoes with ports, customs and transport agencies.
  • Good rapport with liners, break bulk operators, NVOCCs enabling us to offer our customers and partners a competitive freight.

Heavy Lifts

A team of experienced professionals plan the complete Heavy Lift operations ensuring safe carriage over hydraulic axles, barges or vessels.

  • All their heavy lift projects are well planned and engineered in detail, including a rigging study, to ensure efficiency and maximum safety throughout the lifting procedures.
  • Lifting accessories are frequently designed and constructed to meet the specific requirements of a particular lift, viz., generators, turbines, reactors, boilers, towers, casting, heaters, presses, locomotives, boats and military equipment. In the offshore industry, parts of oil rigs and accessories are also heavy lifted.
  • They have the expertise and equipment to offer complete lifting solutions.

Turnkey Projects

They offer complete Turnkey solutions to their customers which include everything you need from project planning to execution.

  • They are able to offer turnkey solutions right from dismantling a plant to effectively planning the most suitable shipping options.
  • They work closely with our customers to understand critical information regarding their projects.
  • A dedicated projects team ensures the completion of a given project within the available time frame. Their team stays involved right from the planning stage till the final completion.


They take the hassle out of moving oversized, heavy or complex cargo to remote destinations within India or any overseas destination.

  • Our team of dedicated project management professionals carry out the assessment of your ODC cargo’s transport requirements and have them delivered in time and well within the budget.
  • They have a worldwide network of associates, which consist of freight forwarders, vessel owners and transport equipment owners.
  • They ensure a safe and timely delivery of consignments.


They provide a comprehensive RO-RO transport solution, consisting of items such as tractors, buses, trucks and other oversized cargo loaded on special flatbed, MAFI or lowbody trailers.

  • They provide value-added transport services to meet the increasing demands of logistics and transportation.
  • Whether it is RO-RO involving barges, ocean going vessels or hydraulic axles, they do it all.


As Multimodal Transporters they offer complete door to door delivery for all kinds of projects like bulk & break-bulk cargoes, through various modes of transport as per the requirement.

  • Road – They provide the right mechanical or hydraulic trailers for the right consignment thereby ensuring that your goods reach their destination quickly and without any extra charge.
  • Sea – They provide the most efficient ocean freight services.
  • Rail – Depending on the destination, they arrange for cargoes to be delivered by rail to the final destinations.


They have a dedicated team of experts in customs documentation and customs clearance while still complying with all the local regulations.

They provide all the services needed to facilitate the movement of your cargo from customs point to customer’s door.

  • Their local knowledge allows them to handle the complete documentation & clearance.
  • Their wide ranging services incorporate preparation of all necessary declarations and reporting to authorities, which include electronic pre-filing, customs consultancy & documentation processing and project registrations.
  • They use their network of branch and field offices to assume responsibility for your shipment throughout the entire transportation process, including delivery at the final point of destination.


Their Transport Engineering specialists are focused on one thing – the specific characteristics of heavy-lift and project cargo transportation. Their team of naval architects, marine, civil and mechanical engineers and transportation specialists, collaborate together to guarantee professional, safe and proper stowage of large and heavy-lift cargo either on board or on hydraulic axles to ensure safe transportation of highly sensitive goods.

Most of the conditions are simulated considering various cargo scenarios to examine various possible combinations of different lots. Transport Engineering provides their customers with stability & lashing calculations relevant for the safe transportation by hydraulic axles, rail, barges or vessels.

Route Surveys

They carry out route surveys with in-depth details of roads, bridges, by-passes, overhead obstacles, turnings, etc, enabling us to complete a well-planned transportation of heavy lift / odc cargo.

Their thorough route survey comprises of:

  • Detailed identification of roads.
  • Details of bridges, identification, slabs & pillar details.
  • Turnings of roads with turning radius clearance available.
  • Railway crossings and overhead clearances.
  • High & low tension wires and cable clearances.
  • Details of by-passes.

Heavy Crane Lifting

They provide heavy lift cranes and assist in their handling for loading / unloading of Heavy Lifts and ODC cargoes.

  • Arrange suitable cranes.
  • Present suitable method statement for operation.


India has number of major, minor and intermediate Ports with many new ports expected to come up along the 7500 km long Indian coast line. Transportation of cargo via sea is much cheaper and time saving as compared to rail and road.

They provide coastal cargo transportation services as below:

  • Coastal cargo movement.
  • Coastal vessels availability.
  • Coastal Flat Top Barges & Tugs.
  • Handling operations such as Lighterage, RO-RO operations etc.

Coastal Cargo

They handle any type of project cargo, bulk cargo or break-bulk cargo. They transport cargo on the East Coast and West Coast of India. Movements between the East Coast and West Coast are done via Pamban Pass.

  • Locate cargo and vessel availability for coastal movement.
  • Provide assistance in movement of cargo.
  • Arrange suitable vessels.

Heavy Lifts and ODC Movement

They are experts in transportation of any Heavy Lift or ODC cargo by barges along the Eastern or the Western coast. We arrange for most suitable Trailers, Axles, Barges and Tugs for such movements. They procure all permissions for transportation from the relevant authorities.

  • Provide suitable Barge & Tug.
  • Prepare Method Statement.
  • Carry out RO-RO operations.
  • Lash & secure the cargo for the voyage.
  • Procure towing permissions.


They provide dumb or self-propelled barges for transportation of different types of cargo along the coast.

  • Provide barges.
  • Supervise the complete operations.
  • Procure required permissions.


They handle the total project cargo transportation requirements & provide suitable barges & tugs after carrying out the detailed survey. They provide all equipment like lay stools & beams.

  • Prepare plans and method statements.
  • Procure required permissions.
  • Arrange suitable crafts.
  • Supervise the operations.


They have an experienced and diligent team of shipbrokers with worldwide network of shipbrokers, ship owners and operators. They know the most suitable positions for your cargo and ensure the speedy deployment of vessels.

  • They cultivate close relationships with leading ship-owners, operators, traders and co-brokers throughout the world.
  • They ensure their clients get the best possible fixtures.
  • They deal in steel products, coal, iron ore, minerals and fertilizers, and grain commodities.

They have an experienced and dedicated ship chartering department that maintains long-term, close relationships with a wide range of domestic and foreign ship owners, charterers and brokers. They also charter ships, barges, tugs and mini bulk carrier to support projects and heavy lift cargo movements.

  • They charter ships on voyage as well as time charter basis.
  • Kinds of vessels/ships operated – bulk carriers handy to handymax, handy general purpose ships, mini bulk carriers, barges and tugs
  • They operate ships for dry bulk, break bulk cargoes, heavy lifts and project cargoes with either full or partial ship loads.


They serve below verticals:

  • Infrastructure and Engineering
  • Ports, Airports & Roads,
  • Mining,
  • Cement,
  • Industrial Projects,
  • Refineries,
  • Telecom,
  • Plant & Machinery,
  • Construction.
  • Power sector-Hydro/Thermal/Wind energy

Their logistics solutions include:

  • International Transportation of Heavy Lifts (Ocean & Air),
  • Project Customs Clearance,
  • Chartering & Break-Bulk Movements,
  • Door to Door Transport of Heavy Lifts,
  • Transportation by Barges / Road for Heavy Lifts,
  • Route Surveys,
  • In Country Procedures,
  • Transport Engineering / Jacking
  • Landing Jetties.


We welcome Dexpro to the XLP team!