CSL Asia Shipping Complete Loading of River Push Tugs in Shanghai

CSL Asia Shipping Complete Loading of River Push Tugs in Shanghai

In a rainy day at Shanghai Baoshan North Anchorage on 21st November, 2017, 3 river push tugs, each measures 47.65m in length, 14.36m in width, 3.05m in depth, and weighs 915 metric tons, were successfully loaded onto a semi-submersible vessel, M/V Sun Shine, chartered by CSL ASIA SHIPPING CO.,LTD. The submerging and float-on took less than one day, and the entire operation was very smooth.

M/V Sun Shine set sails to Korea on 24th November. She will pick up other 2 ferry boats at port of Mokpo and then proceed to Buenos Aries in Argentina, the destination of aforesaid push tugs.

This is not the first time CSL ASIA SHIPPING CO.,LTD shipped floating cargo with semi-submersible vessel. Back to 28thApril this year, CSL transported 2 tug boats from Guangzhou to Venezuela on M/V Combi-Dock III.

Jack Lee, the President of CSL, shared the back ground story with his friends on site, “These 3 pushers are FOB cargo controlled by the buyers based in Argentina. Thanks for the project lead given by our friends in the manufacturing yard. Our team immediately contacted the Argentina buyers and proposed a tailor-made shipping plan, which attracted them very much, and after a lot of hard works in several weeks, we finally had the contracts signed, and today the cargo is loaded on board and will bound for its destination. It’s raining today but sun shine is in our hearts!”

With highly motivated, passionate staff, CSL ASIA SHIPPING can be relied on to deliver a professional service and a smartest solution, no matter how tricky your business is. The company’s business covers floating cargoes, harbour machinery, oil & gas equipment, energy and infrastructure projects, other project cargoes and most of break bulk cargoes.

“We are very optimistic about the China’s export heavy lift market in the forthcoming year,” Jack said, as a conclusion, “You will see more and more CSL’s super jobs like this one in very near future.”

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