City Union Logistics Successfully Executes Dangerous Goods Cargo Shipping Project from China to Philippines

City Union Logistics smoothly finished a DG cargo ocean freight business before Chinese New Year which was from Shanghai, China to Cebu, Philippines.

They received cargo at their DG warehouse from the client’s truck, did the container stuffing process, booked the ship, did the LPSR report and did customs clearance.

Cargo detail: SF6 gas in cylinders, DG

Origin/ Destination: Shanghai, China/ Cebu, Philippines

Amount: Total 18 wooden cases of SF6 gas in cylinders, DG with 1×20 GP and 1×40 HC

City Union Logistics are experienced in handling DG by ocean freight. They have a powerful operation team that are great at anticipating the operation processes. For that reason, they usually can avoid a lot of unnecessary costs. Finally, the project owner received cargo at POD without any obstacle.


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