Cargo Consolidators Agency Moves Various Cargo Including HB Rental Units and Chemical CCU from Trinidad to Suriname

Cargo Consolidators Agency was contacted by their client to move 332 pieces of cargo, with the weight of 460.5 MT and the volume of 663.79 CBM, from Trinidad to Suriname.

With a short window to work with, they had to position a vessel from Barbados to Chaguaramas port to load cargo within a 24-48-hour window. With their experience in maritime logistics, they successfully got the job done.

The cargo consisted of HB Rental Units (Half-baht Rental Units), Chemical (hazardous & non-hazardous) CCU (Critical Care Units), Tote Bags, Pallets etc.

There were existing challenges faced during this project:

  • Sourcing an appropriate vessel to accommodate the cargo
  • Positioning cargo throughout the island to Chaguaramas port in a short timeline for loading Rotation of trucks to ensure all cargo is loaded
  • Proper stowage plan of cargo on vessel
  • Customs examination of all cargo
  • Spring tide
  • Weather conditions
  • Availability of berth at both Origin and Destination