XLProjects Attends Breakbulk Europe 2016

XLProjects Attends Breakbulk Europe 2016

Once again XLProjects attended the ever growing Breakbulk Europe event in Antwerp, Belgium last month. As expected it was extremely busy and barely a moment to breath. One thing we know for sure is that is a very successful exhibition, we are already seeing the fruits of our labor. The XLP booth this year was joined by the following members and sponsors:

  • Steve Cross and Gary Dale from XLProjects based in Bangkok, Thailand
  • Marcel Reinke from Trans-Trading  based in Hamburg, Germany
  • Kabir Ahmed from Conveyor Group based in Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Craig Alexander from Origin Logistics based Manchester, England
  • Alan Baldwin from Volga-Dnepr – XLP Platinum Corporate Sponsor

We really enjoy doing these exhibitions with our members and sponsors, it creates a great atmosphere to have meetings, discuss business and connect with people you might not get the chance to elsewhere.

Next meeting of interest will be the XLP AGM in Panama (September 18th-20th): Brochure