XLProjects at BreakBulk Europe 2014

Daniel Bateman and I have recently returned from Europe, having attended BreakBulk Europe 2014 in Antwerp, Belgium. The event was a huge success for XLProjects and we expect many new members to be joining the group as a direct result from the exhibition.

Being my first official outing as the XLProjects’ Business Development Manager, it was also my first opportunity to meet many of the members face-to-face! Daniel and I have taken a couple of photos from the event, but those that attended know just how busy it was, we were fortunately in so many meetings that there was not a lot of opportunity to take more. I did notice some of you snap a few pictures, so please do send us any photos you may have also.

Here are some statistics that Gary Tang from Breakbulk sent me earlier, “Over 6300 project cargo and traditional breakbulk cargo logisticians and 275 exhibiting companies took part in event, making Breakbulk Europe 2014 the largest specialised logistics event worldwide.”

XLProjects will be returning to BreakBulk Europe next year, and we would welcome any members who would like to participate in the exhibition and join us at our booth. We operate a booth sharing method, which makes it very cheap for our members to get involved at the event. Please feel free to contact me for more information.

For those members I am still yet to meet, I do hope we will have the opportunity at the upcoming AGM in Budapest, Hungary this September!