Unimasters new corporate identity

Unimasters new corporate identity

Unimasters Logistics have taken the opportunity to simplify their name and redesign their logo. From the beginning of 2017 they will simply be called “Unimasters” and will have a brand new logo.

This is a very exciting time for them. They are proud to announce the launch of their new logo as part of the ongoing transformation and evolution of their company’s brand. The new dynamic corporate identity coincides with their company’s Vision 2025, which is about positioning Unimasters in the core of the new digital economy we already live in. Their new logo better communicates what Unimasters stands for today.

Unimasters aim is to simplify and modernise how they represent themselves to their clients, their people and their communities in which they operate around the world .

It reflects their desire to become a next-generation enterprise and the first telepathic LSP that differentiates itself from the competition by its anticipation of customer desires, design thinking, instant reaction, drive for innovation & growth and continuous focus on sustainability.

Driven by their conviction that they are one team of people, for which simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, they have come up with a new simple set of values, which make them a formidable CREW. “CREW” stands for Creativity, Reliability, Excellence and Wisdom and describes the company’s unwavering spirit and professionalism in serving their customer and partner needs.

Changing the logo is a process that involves many steps and Unimasters believe it will take some time to complete until it is reflected on all their signs, vehicle livery and materials. They plan to complete the transition by the end of March this year. Meanwhile, Unimasters appreciate your patience and support.