Trans-Trading Handles Turbine and Generator Set

Vessel: M/V Annegret

POL: Hamburg, Germany

POD: Gunsan, Südkorea

Terminal: Wallmann Terminal

Trans-Trading GmbH recently coordinated a FOB port handling from Terminal Wallmann of a turbine and generator set. The shipment had 26 packages with a total weight of nearly 395 tons.

One turbine (8,70×6,70×5,15 mtr – 190.0 tons), one generator (9,15×3,43×3,26 mtr – 1,33.0 tons), an oil system (4,88×2,57×3,06 mtr – 7.2 tons) and various accessory boxes were loaded.

Terminal handling started with the first shift (6:50 a.m.) and were finished within early afternoon.

The cooperation with everyone involved was excellent and successful.