Trans-Trading Coordinates FOB Shipment

In September Trans-Trading GmbH coordinated a FOB Shipment of one Turbine, one Generator, one Condenser and Accessory Parts from Wallmann Terminal in Hamburg.

Shipment included 121 packages with a total weight of 877.037,6 kgs.

Turbine (8,45 x 5,30 x 4,77 mtr – 157tons), Generator (8,75 x 4,00 x 3,50 mtr – 108.4tons), Condenser (11,32 x 4,96 x 4,75 mtr – 80tons) and various accessory boxes were loaded.

Vessel:  M/V Hanna

POL: Hamburg, Germany

POD: Surabaya, Indonesia

Terminal: Wallmann Terminal

Handling was smooth and vessel leave Hamburg in time for his journey to Surabaya / Indonesia

Scope of work:

– Coordination with Vessel, Terminal, and Customer

– Export Customs Clearance

– Survey at Loading Operations