TITAN Project & Logistic Srl in Livorno, Italy joins XLP!

We are happy to introduce our latest XLProjects (XLP) member office in Livorno, Italy

TITAN Project & Logistic Srl
Via delle Cateratte No. 82, 57122,

Tel : +39 586 173 6442

Website : https://xlprojects.net/titan1/

Contact : Federico Bartoli – CEO

TITAN Project & Logistic Srl performs any kind of international shipping having the best experience particularly in the area of project cargo shipments. The company is able to satisfy the customer with immediacy, meeting all predictable and unpredictable needs, being able to quickly reach any part of the world. Since the beginning of the job, TITAN staff assists customer technicians for examination of all transport problems, in order to choose the best economical and technical solution.

TITAN assists the customer in all steps of carriage, from customs clearance to insurance cover, drafting of the pertinent commercial documentation for export and import, storage and goods warehousing, providing a valuable service door to door monitored at every stage. Professional disposition, vocation and competence allow us an unlimited capacity to movements all over the world.

TITAN established a product packaging center, run by a cooperating company, which provides wood or steel packaging to ideally suit the product characteristics and the customer’s specifications. The packaging service allows rendering of a consistent logistics service for finished products as from the time of pickup to the delivery to the port of export and to the final destination. The wood containers features are able to ensure the utmost protection to the transported material.

The goal of the product/service realized according the guidelines is to satisfy the requirements and grant better performances related to handling and shipping. In addition to the packaging, transport and delivery service to all the various steps our structure provides control service at all the steps, providing, when requested, relationships and expertise documented by photographic evidence, in order to ensure the proper execution of the job, settling any dispute at source.

We welcome TITAN to the XLP team!