Three Locomotives for Finland

On behalf of Trans-Trading Hamburg, the Lübeck Port Company (LHG) has recently refitted three Vectron locomotives, each one 90 tons in weight and 19,044 x 3,046 x 44,00 mm in dimensions.

The three locomotives have travelled “on their own axles mounted on adapter bogies” from the Bavarian plant in Munich to the Seelandkai terminal, where they were prepared for the sea transport to Hanko/Finland.

The Trans-Trading lifting gear was fixed on the mobile cranes and the reloading of the locomotives from rail onto heavy duty roll trailer were handled with Trans-Trading transport beddings attached underneath the locomotives.

LHG and Trans-Trading were jointly executing the sophisticated security measures to meet all safety requirements. After the heavy package was tied properly, dockers pulled the roll trailers with the three locomotives aboard a Transfennica ship.