Star Shipping Moves Compressor and Cooler

Star Shipping Pakistan has recently completed the movement of a Compressor and Cooler with accessories from Port Qasim to the Daharki Project Site. The compressor has dimensions of L 18 x W 5.18 W x 5.88 H meters and weighed 50 tons. The cooler weighed 30 tons and has dimensions of L 14.32 x W 2.4 x H 2.6 meters. The loading port of the shipment was in Houston, USA and the discharging port was Port Qasim where to was moved to the delivery site in Daharki, Sindh, Pakistan.

Multi-Axle & Multiple low beds & flatbeds along with a heavy-duty mobile hydraulic crane were utilized to lift this project. There were few challenges in transit which were obtaining the road permissions, wildlife and dry weather. However, the job was done successfully and the Cargo delivered in safe & sound condition.