Star Shipping delivers Gear Boxes from Karachi, Pakistan to Shanghai, China

STAR Shipping, a member of XLProjects based in Pakistan, has again set-up a milestone in Pakistan’s logistics industry by delivering two heavy Gear Boxes from Jhimpir Wind Power Site to SAPT Karachi Port during the COVID-19 lockdown situation around June, 2020.

STAR Shipping Pakistan was given an urgent task of lifting & shifting the aforesaid Gear Boxes, weighing 16 tons each (Dead-Weight Cargo) from Jhimpir to Karachi Port and then onwards to Shanghai, China.

The summer weather was very hot at Jhimpir Site with high humidity and dry air which made it an extremely difficult task for Star Shipping’s professionally trained staff.
Star Shipping Pakistan utilized 80 Tons Cap: Certified Mobile Hydraulic Crane for the safest lifting of Gear Boxes and two separate low bed carriers for the delivery. Neither human resources nor the equipment suffered any adversity except for the extreme heat.