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Shanghai Ba-Shi Yuexin Logistics Development Co.,Ltd. transports steam generator from China to Brazil

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Shanghai Ba-Shi Yuexin Logistics Development Co.,Ltd. transports steam generator from China to Brazil

XLP member, Shanghai Ba-Shi Yuexin Logistics Development Co.,Ltd., arranged shipment of steam generator by break bulk operation on containerized vessel.

Cargo Details:

Dimension: 14.20 x 3.50 x 3.90 meters
Weight: 36.800 tons
Departure / Destination: Shanghai to Paranagua
Location onboard: 4 x 40’ flat racks in 7 rows.

The cargo of machinery was wrapped by tarpaulins fully and mounted on 3 steel cradles with wooden padding. There were 4 lifting ears at top of the cargo, and lashing ears the steel cradles.

The cargo was stowed in latitudinal and padded with 8 pieces of wooden timbers (size:20  x 20 x 500cm ) under the steel cradles. It was secured with 4 pieces of double cord-lashing (MSL5.0 MT each) on the top lifting ears in cross “∧” way, and 16 pieces of double cord-lashing (MSL5.0 MT each) on the lashing ears in cross “ ∧” way: 4 pieces for each end of steel cradles. Total 20 pieces of cord-lashing for the package. All lashing materials were padded with cloth/corner protection at contact surface where necessary.

All lashing materials were certified, and securing manner was considered proper/firm
and suited to the cargo in good seamanship, and to withstand normal possible perils at sea for the present voyage to the destination.

Shanghai Ba-Shi Yuexin Logistics Development Co.,Ltd coordinated all concerned procedure on local operation by delivering empty FR and heavy goods into terminal separately, made customs clearance, arranging jobsite survey and loading survey until the goods on board safely.


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