Sea Cargo Logistics undertake the “Fortaleza Subway” project

Sea Cargo Logistics recently carried out a job as part of an ongoing project to Brazil, which is part of the “Fortaleza Subway”. They dismantled Tunnel Boring Machine (26 items in total) including 4 Schoma Locomotives of 55 tons each, as well as several flatcars and wagons for a total combined weight of 355 tons and total volume of 425 CBM. The pickup location was Guadalajara, Jalisco with the Port of Loading in Veracruz, Mexico and the final destination being in Suape, Brazil.

Their scope of work on this project included the rental of 1x Liebherr LTM 1220-5.2 (220 tons capacity crane) for lifting the cargo from the floor at the loading site up to the collecting trucks. This was challenging due to the restrictions and obstructing items they needed to maneuver to in order to reach the cargo on the site. They loaded a total of 16 transport vehicles on lowboys and flat beds. The cargo was moved to a temporary location at the port of departure where they had to rent additional cranes for receiving the cargo, temporary storing, offloading, and reloading for its final delivery to the port and in preparations for a specific vessel.

They oversaw the customs clearance processes and related freight coordination to the destination port in Brazil. They loaded the 55 tons locomotives as a breakbulk on a containerized vessel and used a bed of flat rack containers for weight distribution. Additionally, they shipped 13 special containers (Open Tops and Flat Racks) to complete the whole shipment. The coordination occurred during a challenging period as it was the start of the pandemic contingencies in the country.