Salammbo Group ships 64 B.B & rolling machines from Tunisia to four Middle East destinations

XLP Member, Salammbo Group, recently shipped 64 B.B & rolling machines from Tunisia to Yemen, Oman, UAE, and Saudi Arabia

The shipment details are as follows:

Shipper: Weatherford, a major international oil and natural gas service companies as well  as in North Africa.

Cargo: 64 B.B & rolling machines for oil cementing, coiled tubbing, oil wireline, and towers.

Total Weight: 2.360 MT

Total Volume: 6.800 CBM

Term: From EXW Shipper based at Sfax,Tunisia to four Middle East destination

Via:  Zarzis port

To (Destination 1): Yemen, Via Hodeida port

To (Destination 2): Oman, Via Muscat port

To (Destination 3): UAE, Via Jebel Ali port

To (Destination 4): Saudi Arabia, Via Dammam port